“Evolved to Exercise”

Today I went to the dentist. Every 90 days I have my teeth cleaned. My body produces an extreme amount of tartar. Seriously, I floss, drench my teeth with a water pic and avidly use my electric toothbrush, but I cannot defeat my body. It needs/wants/ must produce too much tartar. I accept it. It is one of the minuses of my personal chemistry.

I believe that I have to have my teeth cleaned regularly and I actually look forward to it. My dental hygienist gives me little gifts of dental floss and sometimes a new toothbrush. Today I was lucky, she gave me a small tube of toothpaste. Really great for traveling.

In the waiting area I noticed a Scientific American magazine –the front cover and the featured article: “Evolved to Exercise”.  The premise was: homo sapiens (that’s me, too) have evolved to stay in regular motion. We are unlike the other primates who spend a great deal of their day napping and grooming. Their leisure leaves their hearts and muscles working just great. However, we are hunting animals who stand upright and out walk our prey. I went on and on about this in my book.

Hmmm. I know the information and I believe it, but I have spent the winter reading, napping, brooding and watching Netflix. I have nested in my comfortable, warm, snack ridden home.

Yes, It has been a long, cold and snowy winter and I do live up a steep scary driveway. But I am not a gorilla. And I am feeling the effects of my sedentary habits. Not in a good way.

And the odd thing is all my reading and research told me that the human body needs and demands regular exercise. Of course, viewing this information in the Scientific American gives it new authority.

Now that I once again have had it confirmed that I need daily exercise then I have to find new ways to look forward to it. I had plenty of advise (for my readers) about how to do that in my book.

Claire. Shame, shame.  Tssssk.

Thank goodness the weather is better.