Using all your self-knowledge and self-wisdom you may want to design your own dining blueprint or compose a food strategy.

You may have a very good friend or even a health consultant who believes that you should be taking supplements, or vitamins, or herbs. Often, this person is very enthusiastic about their new favorite product. Or you have read about the benefits of some herb or compound. You may be interested but not totally convinced. You have read some favorable research. You are now willing to try Herb XX. Is there any way you can decide if this would benefit your health? Find your inner-scientist.

I have included in the Guide: the 30-day trial form. It may help you evaluate the effectiveness of a vitamin or supplement on your specific physical sys- tem. It is your body – a distinctive physical system unique to you. If you wish to test a substance limit yourself to one at a time. You need to decide when and how you will ingest this pill or supplement. It is important to do it at the very same time of day, in the same manner, and consistently every day for 30 days. The first day just take the pill. The second day (before you swallow) rate the previous day on the simple trial form. Did you feel better, worse, nothing or maybe just slightly better? Check one. If you have had a positive response for even 10 out of the 30 days, you may wish to run the trial again. Self-observation is a tool to help you decide on the value of any vitamin or supplement.

Know thy self and listen to thy self.

If you would rather not write in the book or if you need an additional form, click here or on the red download icon for a printer-friendly PDF.