This exercise is about mindfulness. There are many ways to consider your consumption of food: calories, fat content, protein intake, sodium levels, raw versus cooked, amount of carbohydrates, and portions. To complete the Guide’s journal, there is no need to consult tables, weigh food or control portions. For the next 14 days, simply record and report on what foods you are eating, and how your emotional or sensory life coexists with this activity.

To complete the journal: You may simply list the foods you eat in each section (breakfast, lunch, dinner), check-off the amount of water and alcohol you imbibe, and answer the question of the day for each meal. Use this tool in any manner that seems comfortable, but use it every day for 14 days. You are bringing consciousness to the ordinary experience of feeding your body.

If you would rather not write in the book or if you need an additional form, click here or on the red download icon for a printer-friendly PDF.