For Elaine Sutton and Lee Driver

 The colors of my world seem to be fading

Deaths of people I hardly knew seen from the corner of my eye for


Yes, I barely spoke with them

I never stopped and said words –meaningful words

Just waves and hellos

I saw them from the corner of my eye

We intersected in bars, grocery stores and crowded gatherings in the park

I could not call them friends


Yet, yes, why certainly yes their otherness was important

I cannot really say acknowledged

Flecks of gold/silver /purple/ orange in the clumsy fabric of

My small life in a small town


I was content with their distance…. faint spice

Aloof… I could be certain that they were alive,

Were they happy or sad?

Celebrating birthdays and other occasions I never celebrated with them


Unknowing to me

They sicken and worsen and died

I never really touched

Still I counted on them

To overlap/transect

And to be seen from the corner of my eye.