Holiday fare and unfair.

The big meal is coming!!!

A few words about holiday food: What should I eat?

The short answer: Anything you feel like! The long answer: Your human digestive system is built to handle an amazing variety of foods, however, your cultural history will affect what you think is “good” to eat.

And, this is a big “and “, if you’re a modern person you probably have tried the Paleo diet, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet or become a vegetarian and/or joined Weight Watchers. I have been on every diet and food plan, and I have managed to keep my slightly overweight body perfectly stable. In addition, you may be lactose intolerant, glucose sensitive, addicted to sugar or vulnerable to gas. HMMMMM.

What should you do when faced with Holiday fare? What should you do when asked to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for ten people on five different food plans?

As a hostess for a modern gathering, I segregate foods that might offend or upset individual sensitivities. Just imagine here is a bowl of vegetables, here another dairy free offering, here is the protein, in a pretty basket white dinner rolls and shyly sitting something that is “bad” for almost everybody. What happens inevitably is all the “sensitivities” liberally eat the food that they have declared off limits.

And what exactly is my coping strategy? I just try to enjoy the company and the food.  No guilt. Happy Thanksgiving.