I have noticed as the years pass that my friends are wearing out. It seems to me that my more athletic friends (the ladies that were actually good at sports) have had more surgeries on worn out knees and shoulders than those of us who were chosen last for any team. This just a thought.

My shoulders are fried. I think from ten years working in clay and lifting 50 boxes of the raw material. And pushing clay through a slab roller to create flat pieces that I later assembled into six-foot sculptures. Wow, I really did that.

The New York Times had a recent article on the value of exercise which concluded that exercise does lower your mortality rate recommending that we all exercise (as close as we can make ourselves) an hour a day.   There was also a hint that somewhere in our exercise schedule we do need to push our limits.

I have chosen Hot Yoga as my “this is almost too hard” physical challenge. Think about finding an exercise challenge that is also safe and easy on your joints. Good luck to our aging bodies.

And thank you to all the folks who have found my book and have ordered it.