I “enjoyed” the conference: The Path to Truth and Purpose: Transforming Shame.

It was held at Rivera Funeral Home in Santa Fe New Mexico. Well, in truth it was on park like grounds of Rivera Funeral Home housed in a beautiful spanking new conference center. Much effort and for sure dollars were spent to make the space  welcoming to all religions and spiritual inclinations. Nice.

Do women care more about their emotional health then men? Women were certainly in the majority of the audience. Long lines at the ladies’ bathroom. Hey architects how about more generous accommodations for us to empty our bladders? Anyway.

Life is certainly tough. And the presenters shared their shames, various addictions, tragedies and their journeys to a better and healthier place. I was moved to tears. And motivated to want to dissipate my own clouds of remorse and anger and grief. It seemed I had to write a book to whole-heartedly forgive my mother.

I came home to find a dead woodpecker in my house. Somehow, it had gotten in a door as I was preparing to leave for the conference. A beautiful large bird with an under coat of red feathers. Obviously, it had tried very hard to get out. Messes on my furniture and rugs. I cleaned the house and buried the bird.