Yes, no, oh no, wow ….Yes my book is here – boxes, and boxes of A Modern Woman’s Guide to Aging: Together We Consider Our Options.
The publishing company promised me they (all one thousand books) would be delivered to Claireworks Gallery on Friday August 14. I marked my calendar. The call came at 8:00 AM. The truck arrived early in the morning bringing the books. The reality is quite heavy.

Earlier this month, frightened by the thought of a huge pile of books, I cleaned and cleared the back of the Gallery. I joyfully (woeful exaggeration) made room for my long awaited Guide. I threw out all the strange pieces of packaging, odd notes and redundant supplies. I consolidated. I occasional found a long missing object: “ Is where you have been all these years.”
Now the back of the Gallery has neatly stacked boxes and the faint smell of print. Living with jewelry, turquoise, lapis, carnelian, pearls,adventure, onyx and paintings.
I took one book home. The weight in my hands is very substantial. I opened it and I read the Introduction. Yes, the same words, but somehow it feels different.