I called the printer today just to make sure the Guide was on its way.

Several people have asked to purchase my book (fantastic) and I am excited that so many people have expressed interest in my themes. And sad that the Guide is still in limbo. Yes, I am a bit nervous about the timely delivery of the book. I am hoping that the truck will indeed be bringing 1000 copies of my guide to Claireworks in Arroyo Seco on Friday August 14. I really do not know how much room all these volumes will take up. Will we be able to move around in our backspace or will the area look like a hoarder’s home with narrow paths between our normal areas for jewelry storage and assemblage?

Dare I announce the books will be available on Saturday August 15? What if I have to disappoint more folks? Sigh. Really having a finished printed guide to sell…is this the end of my journey and my learning or just the beginning.