Walking along summer turning to autumn roads.

Walking the rambling circle.

Walking slowly cautiously.


Head bent down often

seeking for/ seeing /choosing

heart shaped rocks.

Stones not too heavy to

burden my journey.


Changing. I have begun to collect

smooth unworried ovals.

Stones fitting easily in my hand

Their unbroken surface

well polished by lost rivers.


At the top of the steep breathless hill

At the place where I rest

At the end of my walk


I linger. I compose a new beginning.

An altar of quiet circular talismans

Company to my mound of wishing for

near but not touching my arrangement

of stony hearts.


I have so many hard hearts and just a few tranquil forms.

The rock valentines have been in my thoughts

too long … now I must embrace stones of serenity.

No longer looking for love on my dusty road

I gather peace.