First a book is an idea –maybe a crazy idea, maybe a good idea, maybe an idea you should forget about. Quickly.

You begin with a few paragraphs and think, “Yes, I do want to spend time thinking and writing about this subject.”

The concept ferments in part of your brain. And somehow every day for months and eventually years, you are reading, writing and rewriting shaping together what will become a book.

Well, that is how it happened for me and how I came to write the Guide. Of course, it would never have been printable without the guidance and input of Sally, Phaedra, Mya, Linda and Carolyn. Thank you so much, women of wit.

Now is time to take a private project public. And I do have many books to sell. I invite you to come celebrate the launch of A Modern Woman’s Guide to Aging: Together We Consider Our Options. This Saturday August 22 from 4-6 at Claireworks Gallery in the charming town of Arroyo Seco. Hey that is tomorrow. What should I wear?