Life brings loss. All of us learn what grief is. Sometimes we experience the tragic and terrible death of people we love. Ted Wiard has created a magical place to confront, deal with and heal with our emotional wounds: The Golden Willow Retreat Center in Arroyo Hondo New Mexico. He is my neighbor, my friend and my therapist.

Ted lost his brother, his wife, both of his little girls and his mother-law in a relentless series of illness and accidents. His ability to transform and accept has rehabilitated him into a compassionate, wise and loving person. If you need time and a place to deal with deep sadness and regain your balance I can recommend Ted and his team.

Here is information about what Golden Willow Retreat provides:

Some of our clients choose a Respite, our more relaxed program, where there is time for rest, processing and personal reflection. We offer optional services and activities so you can choose how you spend your time at Golden Willow. Typically, a Respite includes limited counseling, bodywork such as Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral (to help on the physical and emotional level) and ceremony and ritual (to help with processing and healing).

Respite Rates:
Private room including meals $150.00 per night
Counseling, Ceremonies & Other Professional Services $150.00 per session

Other clients choose the Therapeutic Retreat, going into much deeper intensive work. We understand each person’s path is very unique and this program is individualized and more structured than Respites, usually lasting anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Although we encourage the longer stay, we understand that, often due to family or professional commitments, some may be unable to stay for the full time. We are able to accommodate shorter stays as well.

We have built a program that addresses the emotional distress and pain of loss while offering insight, education and tools to help transform the unmanageable of the past and present into empowerment towards the future. Due to this very personalized process, we accept only one or two individuals at a time, guaranteeing privacy, solitude, and individual attention.

Therapeutic Retreat Rates are $750.00 per day. Your retreat is developed specifically for your needs and may include the following:
Primary Therapist & Spiritual Care Counselor (minimum of 3 hours of counseling daily, included in all retreats)
Bodywork: Yoga, Massage, Reiki and other modalities
Meditation and Mindfulness
Guided hikes
Ritual & Ceremonies
All lodging & meals (included in all retreats)