In spite of removing my mask, being able to hug my children and grandchildren and the relative safety of being fully vaccinated I feel vulnerable.

There is still a monster lurking in the corner, hidden dangers in public places and an uneasy sense that the future will be more difficult.

As we emerge from the full-blown Pandemic I am saddened by the reality people I know have aged, changed or left the planet. I have this queasy feeling that there is more bad news ahead.

Yet, I continue to preform all my ordinary household tasks, plan for the future, think about new jewelry designs and contemplate an ambitious art project. I am even exercising the much older body I inhabit …this last year did strange things to this “temple” I inhabit.

Some of the current challenges for me are some very vital people in my life are not vaccinated. They could get ill and become incapacitated or even die. I not only fear for the unvaccinated friends; I fear for myself…will they become super spreaders of some mutant variation that I will not be immune to?

There is so much I cannot control and this has not changed it just is so much more obvious. Isn’t it?

Welcome to the unmasked summer here in New Mexico.

Best Wishes,
Claire Haye