Haircut or live with it?!!!!

Of course I can count, of course I know how old am…did you think I was senile or forgetful.  After all I remember everybody’s birthday, my wedding anniversary and the date your husband died and…

I just did not know the numbers of years on earth attached to the birthdate March 27, 1946 meant that I was elderly. When the informed people on television said “An elderly man of 70 died of the corona virus alone in the hospital.”…Well, I would have called him a younger man. You know what I mean.When Melissa said; “I am very concerned about you, because you are such a high risk group.”  I thought she meant my bronchial asthma or my type A blood.  No (!) she meant my age.  The risk for death from the virus increases with age, doubling for the 70 plus group and doubling again for those over 80. And now I know, when they refer to a person as elderly that means me, and I should take note.

Oh yes now my hair (having learned that I was old) is turning grey and my skin is wrinkling. Also, I had an insight to my reoccurring dissatisfaction with every haircut I have had in the last ten years. I confess I keep expecting the sincere (and probably quite talented) hairdresser to make me look the me of twenty years ago. I may just grow out the locks. Watching the grey and white come in as time goes by.