My very slim volume of poetry is available on either or this website. Elizabeth Taylor was born on February 27,1932 died March 23, 2011.

Ode for Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was in my day the most beautiful woman in the world. I saw Elizabeth Taylor (in person up close) a year before she died and I am sad  to say she was no longer gorgeous…She looked like a melted ice cream sundae. When I heard she had died I wrote this homage.


Here‘s to Elizabeth Taylor

Your beauty was like a wound

your eyes a forbidden color

the world knelt

to worship.

Champaign and caviar

Red carpets

And diamonds

strewn like roses.


Time was unkind

You becoming /

A travesty, a harridan

All things


No matter

How perfect


Rust and bones.


Death has stilled you.

Now we can reinstate you

Returning you to your rightful place

an icon of impossible splendor.

We will remember you

as a goddess.

The altar is readied

your star is shining.