It is a sunny day with undertones of gloom

The blue sky is lying but the wind may be telling the truth.


I must make a pact with what good is left in the world

And never use a plastic straw again.


And plant a tree every day to catch the carbon dioxide and realize oxygen

For all the living things that I like so well and feel attachment to


And never judge another human being for their failings and misdeeds

Since I have so many myself .


And I must love the Christians, the Moslems and the Jews

Even though I do not like their long kept views 


I must honor all the creatures, insects and fungi of our planet.

…am I still allowed to kill mice?


Can I save the earth?

Give up meat, buy an electric car, plant trees, never fly, compost.


Remorseful, I cling to my morning coffee. Strong, dark ….onecup.