I am one those people who remembers other people’s birthday. Are you?

I never thought that my memory would become so crowded with the birthdays of people that I loved and admired that have passed on. Adding to the congestion.  I often now remember the anniversary of their death.

Take May for instance: May 1s t my mother died, May  1st  Adam Haley died way too young, May 1st is Ron Kalom’s birthday, May 14this my favorite Aunt’s Birthday (deceased), May 14 is A.’s birthday, May 23 was mother’s birthday, May 24this Zoe Zimmerman’s birthday, May 27this the birthday of Jack Lees (my step-brother) and May 30this Bob’s special day.  I actually acknowledge these dates. Don’t even ask about December.

Happily there are some new young and healthy folks I have met or have been born that I can celebrate with. The check is in the mail.

This week is an anniversary of a major event in my life.  I am feeling extremely emotional and quite wistful.  If…he had lived and if we were still talking and if we could still stand each other.  If, if … then August 10, 2018, John Michael and Claire Lisbeth would have celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Sometimes, older couples come in the Gallery and say with pride, “We have been married 40 years, 48 years, and even 55 years.” Sometimes, they look at each with affection and respect. I nod and congratulate them.