I am celebrating 20 years in business in  Arroyo Seco. Should I try for 20 years more?!?

On Wednesday August 3, 2017 my gallery opened her doors and began her 21st year in business.

I started my space with little fanfare and I have recognized that 20 years has passed with very little fanfare, but really I should be acknowledged for my stick to it ness, my stubbornness, my caring response to the public and of course, my creative out put. Congratulations Claire.

Gazing at the past, I truthfully feel grateful for the support of my collectors and the wonderful blue-eyed ladies who help me sell what I make. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Looking into the future, without a crystal ball or even a friendly psychic, I wonder how long can this small woman owned and run business continue? The last year I have been hard hit by professional shoplifters, two burglaries, and the cost of making my space “safe”. Yeah, I have had twenty naïve years of very low profile security systems and a nonchalant attitude. Now I have cameras, motion sensitive lights, new locked spaces, an up-graded security system and a steel gate.

A headache for us all getting in and out of the gallery, and a heart ache for me because I have to face that it is a tougher/crueler world than I would like it to be.

Can I stay open for another twenty years?? I would have to bet against it. My fabulous staff (big words for my friends who I employ) is getting older. My New Mexico Casting Company (family run) has raised their five children. And I ain’t so young myself. Yes, I am feeling fine and looking good. However, I am sadly witnessing the unfortunate health decline of many of my friends. I, too, am vulnerable to all the problems of an aging body. I am finite.

My mother, a dancer and a teacher, worked to the very end of her 85 years…I think that she was still her “marvelous” self almost to the very last moment. Is she my ultimate example? Can I stay the distance? Should my end time include one last design, one last painting and one last sale of the necklace that is just perfect for you?

Stayed tuned and stay healthy.