Fear of trickle down marginalization

Woman already are disproportionally paid for their skills and therefore receive lower social security benefits. Women age 65 and older are much more likely to be poor than their male counterparts—and older, minority, and unmarried women are at greatest risk.

We (the aging population of women) are really going to be slapped around and stomped on by any fraying of the safety net of social services, Social Security, or Medicare. Even increased pollution, deterioration of the environment, and decreased low cost transportation are all going to impact everyone’s ability to create and enjoy a quality life. Not to mention the impoverishment of the arts.

I will be fighting to dissolve the Electoral College – gerrymandering has created disenfranchisement. I want to have my vote count. One woman with one vote:used with wisdom and discernment. Any suggestions?

My efforts to create beauty will involve using my hard won clay and art expertise. I am going to donate my ceramic murals to dreary places in my hometown of Taos, New Mexico. Any suggestions?