What a pleasure, I am hearing from the readers of the Guide.Today from a friend Carol: “Claire, you made a very good book for women with terrific information and suggestions. Thank you.”

From someone I do not know:

“I received your book in the mail and read it in one sitting.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, identified with it and shed a few tears in the process.  The format, spacing and photos made it very easy to read.

That is not to say that some of the subject matter was easy…. it will take (me) some time to get through all of it.  It really hit a nerve…. a good nerve, be it an uncomfortable one.  I’ve done all the practical things – will, health directives, final arrangements, etc.Now I need to work on my overall health – which I have been neglecting – among other things.  Thanks for the much needed kick in the ass.”

Surprisingly (to me anyway), a number of men have bought my Guide.The distinguished writer, John Nichols, commented on the book, “I know you intend it to be a “modern woman’s guide to aging,” but I certainly found it totally relevant for men also…” He continued, ”The book is really gentle and compassionate, often quite humorous, and never bleak. There is a kindness to it throughout, a really thoughtful approach to all the issues of aging that we all face… I think your words go a long way toward taking away the stigma of growing old and dying, and replacing that fear with a graceful acknowledgement of what is going to happen to all of us. ”

Well, after the lonely years of writing, it certainly is gratifying to know that people are getting value from my words. Hmm, before long someone is going to tell me they hate the book. I should be ok with that –well we shall see. Stay tuned.