Surprising myself, I wept listening to President Biden plod through his reassuring, sensible and kind inauguration speech.  I did not know how relieved I would feel that the new president would take on the role of protector and guide, rather than claiming his office for greed and self-promotion. I pray that #46 remains true to his manifested intention.

Looking back at the horrible year 2020…can I now look forward to relief and repair?

I will never be young again.  I know now that I am an “elderly person”.  I hope to make it to vaccination without experiencing Covid-19 or its miserable after effects.

I have so learned to stay home (how comfortable and safe it is) that I am unsure if I will ever again take an exercise class in person, go to a Movie Theater, have a massage or enjoy dinner in a restaurant. I would like to hug my grandchildren.

I have learned to hate my own cooking.  I was once known as a fine cook, but these awful tired messes I make myself have disqualified me. My daughter, Melissa sometimes delivers the extras from her home cooked meals…this is my most beloved treat. Simple.

I will never again speak to or see:  Anice Joy, Jennifer Ryan, Jim Papas, or Sally Wasowksi for they have all died.  RIP.  I may never be reconciled to their loss.

President Biden recognizing the virus’s terrible cost asked for a moment of silent prayer.  More tears. Amen.