Lament for unplanned parenthood

My womb has been…. seized

By a committee

of ole white men with tight eyes

blue or grey

spare the rod


Control the egg…..power to the sperm


Shall I

Lay me down

Give birth to Christ…they tell me

Have the baby of…….  your rapist

they say

Have the baby of ……..your lover

gone to prison

Have the baby of ……..your uncle

he was family

Have the baby….want to

or …..not

God’s child


My body/sacrifice

the fetus/parasite siphoning

first claim on my blood

The old men –it is their will to

Choose for me

but do they come at night

to hold ….nursing/ crying /puking


child of woman’s womb


“round the world “

man’s sacred privilege

keep her ill literate /rape her/stone her /sell her

grind her down

cut her clit

with sharp laws their mouths cruel swords

Here in Amerika

they are finding tinder and lighting the bonfires

Again Killing again killing us